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The full moon is about to come out at Little Precious.

Let’s talk about this heart-to-heart confinement centre, which is known as a six-star in Kuala Lumpur. I have compared several stores before, and there are expensive and ordinary ones. However, my husband and I only visited this one. The main reason was that I was away from our home. Recently, it was only a few minutes drive from the hospital where I gave birth to the baby, and the decoration was very new and I signed it.

I stayed in the hospital for two nights after the operation. A housekeeper especially pushed a wheelchair to pick us up downstairs. When I went up to the 7th floor, I saw a bunch of nurses welcoming us at the door. I felt a little flattered. The service and nurse team have a point. Especially the head nurse Ms Lim. The team of nurses she leads is very good. She would come to massage my back when I was uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Usually, I was afraid that I would be bored and would keep chatting with me to relieve my boredom. Optimistic pie ???? I live here very comfortable and have a good rest. I like the confinement meal the most. Basically, every meal is swept away ???? There is also a thoughtful candlelight dinner, but I brought the “little light bulb” of my brother. I also met a group of good moms here, Hi Sen ????

Hmm~ But I still feel a little reluctant to go home, I feel that the good days are coming to an end ???????? After all, there is no mother here to help me take care of the baby, see if I can hold on ✊~

– Vicky

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