Must-Buy Herbs During Confinement

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Little Precious is back again to answer one of the most asked questions! Many of you might be confused about what herbs to prepare especially for the first-time mums. But don’t worry, we have listed some of the most important herbs for you.

Confinement Beverage
First and foremost, red dates tea is pretty much essential during the confinement period. Many mothers opt for red dates tea as a replacement of water to keep the womb warm. Some mums should avoid cold water as it may cause water retention. Red dates tea helps to improve blood circulation. This leads to the improvement of body energy, also known as “Qi”, and strengthen the immune system. Within the confinement period, we advise mum to make it a habit to drink warm red dates tea instead of any cold drinks.

Herbal soup
There is a long list of herbal herbs to buy for confinement to make herbal soup such as Ginseng, Polygonum Multiflorum (He Shou Wu), Radix Angelica Sinensis (Danggui), and many others. However, new mums might not know what herbs to buy to make herbal soups. But don’t worry there are a lot of confinement soup packages or pre-packed herbs available in the market and this makes mum’s life easier. With that being said, it is essential for postpartum mums to seek professional consultation as some might not be suitable for your body at that point in time. During the confinement period, postpartum mums need a balanced and nourishing diet for recovery of the body and to produce milk for the baby. Generally, the main benefits of herbal soup are to strengthen Mummy’s body and increase the production of breast milk.

Confinement herbal bath
Another must-buy herb is the confinement herbal bath. You might have heard or been told to not bathe during the confinement period, but this might not be ideal if you live in a humid place like Malaysia. We need to keep our body clean even after giving birth. However, we should avoid bathing with cold water during confinement. We recommend confinement herbal baths as they contain ingredients that help expel wind, relieve tension and stress, and ease pain. The confinement herbal bath is also available in ready-packed or pre-packed in the market. And it can be easily prepared with just 2 steps. First, boil the herbs and then mix with the bathing water. Due to the simple preparation steps, postpartum mums are encouraged to bathe regularly with the confinement herbal bath as it can also accelerate their recovery.

In general, herbs can help to strengthen a mum’s body and improve the recovery after giving birth. One needs to consume the right herbs for different purposes. If you do not know what and how, feel free to ask us to know more!

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