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Confinement period: 25th Dec 2020-22nd Jan 2021
District: KL Eco City
Number of days: 28 days
Can my husband move in? Yes
Type of housing: Hotel style, mommy and baby must be on the same floor
Visit restriction: Visitors are not allowed to visit during CMCO and MCO

Employees at the centre: front desk customer service staff, cleaning “kakak”, nurse (1 to 1 or 2), chef (previously hotel chef), physical therapist (pelvic bone and rectus repair) is great. I can get back into wearing the jeans I wore before pregnancy, but the belly has not disappeared.

Strange rules: No, SOPs are very good. Before going in, you must disinfect your hands, disinfect your shoes and replace slippers.

Environment and equipment: very clean, every corner is carefully designed, and even the supplies can be seen to match the colours very carefully

Cleanliness: The room is cleaned every day, the sheets are changed every week, and UV sterilization is performed every week. The baby room is also cleaned every day. Kakak has to wear protective clothing to get in. UV every two days.

What I learned: Hong Kong Confinement-The ingredients used in the stew are top-notch. That is important to me. I can make sure that I can get whatever nutrient needed.

Experience after check-in: Sure enough, I didn’t even feel the amount of pure Cordyceps Sinensis (I didn’t give up buying it myself). There are two large pieces of bird’s nest (I have eaten it several times), scallops, American ginseng, fish maw, sea cucumber, abalone, etc.

Environment: The basic facilities are complete, and they have everything. I like their boiler water. The bidet and washbasins have hot water. There are strong wind herbs for moms to shower every day. The most intimate design is the toilet. Warm light! This is to prevent moms from catching a cold after bathing, so you can keep warm by turning on this warm light when bathing. You can slowly dry your body, wear skincare products and put on clothes

The package includes: Loccitane bath products, Marvis toothpaste, Merriers diapers, disposable underwear, breast pad, maternity pad, Chinese medicine-conditioned tea and red date tea, Epsom salt

What the centre does not provide: No, every time the front desk tells moms that they have special needs, they can let them know, and they will try their best to arrange

What is good: the food ingredients are first-class, 5 meals a day, less salt and oil but still delicious, the calories and nutrition of each meal are calculated, especially the milk food comes just right ( I like their fish soup the most! There is no fishy smell at all) It’s just the same pattern in the last few days, but it doesn’t matter to me because it’s delicious

Also, when I checked in, cmco was most worried about whether the baby would be infected. After all, the nurses who contacted the most would be nurses and they were on shifts (that is, they would go home and then don’t know who they would contact with outsiders). Fortunately, after moving in, I found that their SOPs were very strict. , Nurses need to spray their hands with disinfectant to touch the baby and breastfeeding supplies. During the mco period, the head nurses are more nervous about our baby than moms, and directly ask all nurses to move in to avoid the chance of infection outside. In addition, the center will Assign a tablet to each mom, not only can you use cctv to watch the baby, but also the baby’s daily nursing records, milk time and milk volume, body weight and temperature, and baby’s jaundice records.

What can be improved: It’s not unhappy, but it’s a bit inconvenient-the centre is located in a commercial building, the air-conditioning is a central system, sometimes it can be hot and cold, and every three rooms share a temperature control board. To adjust the temperature, you must go out of the room or call a nurse to help adjust the temperature. As far as I know, the management has already dealt with this problem with the building.

The last child was to hire a confinement wife to accompany the confinement. In fact, this time I had already paid a deposit to hire the same confinement lady, but when I was about 34 weeks pregnant, the confinement confinement had some problems and cmco prohibits the interstate. The way is here.

After discussing with my husband, I hurried to find the confinement center online. After visiting several stores in 2 days, I found that although Little Precious Postnatal Care was newly established, I can feel that they are very enthusiastic and sincere, so I paid the deposit the next day.

For me, the most important thing to pay attention to in the confinement center is the ratio of nurses to babies. baby)

I believe that no mom is willing to let the baby cry in the baby room and no one will take care of it, right?

After moving in, I really found that I rarely heard the babies crying and making noises. Every baby was taken care of very well. At most, it was a nurse for two or two babies.

I am worried that the baby will turn upside down day and night after coming out of the moon (because the lights in the baby room cannot be turned off at night, but some lights can only be dimmed).

From the first birth, my husband did not encourage me to go to the confinement center because he said that I could not replenish the body. Everyone ate the same food, but after this time, my husband completely changed. Looking at the photos, you can see that the soup is top-notch and there. There will be a rest.

Since I haven’t read Little Precious’s review here, I hope the above sharing can help pregnant moms. If you have any questions, please contact me again.

– Michelle Ng

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