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My baby is now 2 months old. Now that I think about it, it really was the right decision in chosing Little Precious Postnatal Care as the confinement center.

I originally wanted to go to another house because I was closer to home. I even paid the deposit. But when I visited that place, I found many problems.

The biggest issue was how they cared for babies. There was a 1:4 or 5 ratio between staff and babies. The environment also made me very uncomfortable. The whole feeling is very uncomfortable. After all, I have to live there for 30 days. Really need to think about it.

So, I burned the 3-4k deposit. Soon after arriving at Little Precious, I found out that there were numerous complaints about the earlier centre. I was fortunate to not have stayed there.

In addition, I met the head nurse of Ms Lim, she really took good care of her, both mentally and physically. The nurses were also very strict and careful. The nurse-to-baby ratio was 1:2, sometimes even 1:1.

The best thing is that she will try her best to help no matter what the problem is.. The novice mother is actually very sensitive and fragile when she has a month.. But little precious gives me a very warm and reassuring feeling… also Let me do the moon happily and worry-free. At the same time I met new friends there instead of staying in the room every day.

Although I have returned home now, I will miss everything there all the time… Until now, the head nurse would still greet the baby’s condition. I think this is the spirit of love and professionalism.

– Livy Poh

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