The 9 reasons to spend your 28-days confinement at Little Precious

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I am so glad that I decided to have spent my 28-days confinement at Little Precious.

As advertised it is indeed a 6 star confinement centre but it is definitely worth the price due to a few reasons.

1. A clean,

comfortable and spacious room with daily housekeeping. L’occitane toiletries were provided just like the ones you will get in the hotel. It certainly felt more like a staycation rather than confinement. Also, daily herbal bath was provided and is kept warm in a flaskthroughout the day.

2. Security is tight and access cards were given to myself and my husband to enter the building.

Guests must register and get their temperature checked prior to visiting.

3. 24-hour nursery, well staffed by qualified and friendly nurses.

The Chief Nurse is extremely experienced with more than 20 years of experience in NICU prior to joining confinement centres. Proper care was given to both me and my baby. The nurses were also arranged to accompany us to the hospital during our baby’s first and second check up. My paediatrician even told me that he has never seen a confinement centre nurse accompanying new parents during baby’s checkup.

4. Breastfeeding friendly confinement centre.

I was guided with breastfeeding, diaper changing, bathing, etc. My husband was also guided on bottle feeding once breastfeeding is established to prevent nipple confusion. I am also proud to say that by Day 8, I was breastfeeding exclusively with no formula top up, only top up with my expressed breast milk from Haakaa silicone pump when necessary.

5. 5 high quality meals a day being provided for recovering & breastfeeding mummies (breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner and supper).

The dishes are a mix of Chinese and Western food. Herbal soup is usually served as supper, which is customised based on individual health as prescribed by TCM doctor.

6. Baby’s weight, temperature, jaundice reading, feeding time, poo are noted down daily to ensure baby is growing healthily.

There are also scheduled visits from paediatrician every week.

7. Various group activities on a weekly basis such as yoga, handmade breastmilk soap, and various knowledge classes about baby and mummy’s well being after delivery.

8. Postnatal massages performed by qualified physiotherapist after assessing the changes in your physical body after delivery. The clogged duct massage and pelvic hip manipulation are the go to massages for all mummies here.

9. Last but not least, specially arranged candlelit dinner by Little Precious. It was a much needed moment for me and husband after what we have went through for the past few weeks. Little Precious also took the initiative to compile our photos for a walk down memory lane. It was a very touching session for me and my husband as we embark into our new journey.

In short, Little Precious has given us the peace of mind throughout our stay where we could focus on what is important – recovering and getting to know our baby without any stress.

We will not hesitate to recommend this to other expecting parents in the future.

– Kelly –

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