What Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy?

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Little Precious is back with another hot topic! Pregnant women always need to take extra care on their diet. Consuming the proper nutritious food would more likely ensure a healthy mom and baby~

What to avoid?

High Mercury Fish
You may have heard that pregnant women need to avoid eating fish that contain high levels of mercury. This is because mercury can pass the placenta barrier and probably cause damage to the fetus. As a growing baby has a sensitive developing nervous system, it is necessary to avoid mercury consumption to prevent neurological damage to the baby.

Undercooked eggs
Another thing mommy should avoid is raw or undercooked eggs. Undercooked egg can be a source of salmonella, which is a common factor of food poisoning. Just make sure both the yolk and whites turn solid, then you are good to go.

Unpasteurized dairy products
In order to reduce the risk of food-borne illness, the next thing to avoid eating is unpasteurized dairy product, which applies to goat milk and sheep milk. Same goes to the soft cheese, unpasteurized milk may contain bacteria. It probably shows no symptoms to the mother, but it can jeopardize pregnancy by triggering miscarriage or premature births.

Excessive Vitamin A foods
We know that vitamin A is important for visual health. However, excessive consumption of Vitamin A during pregnancy would bring harm to the baby which can cause birth defects. Best to consult a doctor and get their advice on supplementations.

Going through the pregnancy journey is not an easy job, that is why we are here for you! Trust us! It will be worth it when your little one is healthy and happy.

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